Greetings! Allow me to warmly welcome you.

Need Encouragement? Going through struggles? Guess what…. me, too! That’s why on September 2021, “The Apple, A Woman’s Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage” was released on all platforms across the world through Trilogy Christian Publishing, Inc.! 

theapplebookcoverWHAT’S “THE APPLE” ABOUT? “The Apple” is a raw and real faith-based nonfiction book for wives who struggle with something very common to us all: unhealthy emotional attachments to someone other than our spouse. Writing from my own personal battles and gleaning truth from the Word of God, my desire is to help wives remember their first love (Christ) and the covenant love we entered into. Every marriage is different, but our common enemy uses time-worn tactics to attempt to capture our hearts. We must be alert and encourage one another in the truth. Let’s suit up for battle!

WHAT ELSE DO I DO? I’m so glad you asked! I am an inspirational speaker for women’s church groups and Christian schools. I love sharing the message of hope through faith. Topics vary depending on the location and it does NOT need to be centered around “The Apple.” For more information or to schedule, click below!

May you be blessed today and thanks for your continued support! ~Rachel D. Lyne