Artist Biography

IMG_3745An author with TBN’s Trilogy Christian Publishing, Inc., Rachel D. Lyne is anticipating the publication of her first book, The Apple, which is a survival guide for wives, but also for women in all walks of life. Focusing on the “forbidden fruit,” and how to combat it, Lyne invites all ladies to join her to be Warrior Wives and Warrior Women against a common spiritual foe.

Lyne’s passion is writing, but she also loves composing music and singing, as well as creating art.  Other interests include immersing herself in the Japanese culture, volleyball, homesteading, and video games (yes, you read that right).

“I want to thank those who have encouraged me to keep writing, but most of all, the Lord above who sustains me. For my visitors, thank you for your support! I’m so very glad you’re here on this journey with me.” – Rachel D. Lyne

To connect with Rachel D. Lyne, you can email her at

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