Down Day

Today’s devotional is simply to say, “It’s okay to not be okay.” And it is. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the perfectionist/people-pleaser gene. I’m also not the only one who has had bad experiences, gets emotional or has times of exhaustion. This is for you: you’re not alone. Say, “I’m not alone in this battle” out loud. We all have Down Days. And it’s okay to not always be happy, positive, full of enthusiasm for life. We should strive to be joyful, of course, because we have the joy of the Lord in us. But don’t beat yourself up over a Down Day. King David had plenty and they’re recorded for us in the Old Testament. Many other men & women in the Bible dealt with doubt & Down Days. This side of heaven, we are strictly human, dealing with human experiences and feelings. If you’re able to, take the time now to rest on this “Day of Rest” and empty out the mind of its negativity and the heart from burden. God cares for us – on our good days and on our down days, all the same. 1 Peter 5:7. Psalm 6:6-7. Genesis 2:2-3. Psalm 51:12. John 3:16.

©️Rachel D. Lyne

About Rachel D. Lyne

Christian Living Author: "The Apple, A Woman's Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage." Devotional blogger, poet, Christian magazine content creator, and inspirational speaker.
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