True Worship

Welcome back to my blog: Here is my first attempt at writing my own short introspective devotional. Please enjoy and “like” or “comment.” ^_^

TRUE WORSHIP: True worship goes beyond obligation. Church worship should reach the inner parts of our inherent human nature to praise and honor a holy God. It shouldn’t be from your spouse urging you to get out of bed. It should be more than your mom turning up your alarm clock music and begging you to dress nicely. Worshipping God is the purpose of our human existence and we should be filled with joy that we are able to worship the sovereign One – the God who saw us before we were born. Let it penetrate into your heart. This Sunday, don’t only read the words on the screen or in the hymn book; let them flow from your heart to your mouth.

About Rachel D. Lyne

Christian Living Author: "The Apple, A Woman's Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage." Devotional blogger, poet, Christian magazine content creator, and inspirational speaker.
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