Carnival of feelings,

Tightrope of fears,

Spinning rings of doubt;

Dizzy from the years.

Unsteady on the trapeze,

Hearing the lion roar.

Mirrors reflect my heart

And the deep desire to soar.

Blaring sights and sounds

When life feels like a game.

Win some and lose some,

Joy mingled with pain.

Traveling from place to place

In an endless sea of color,

Self-expected perfection

While working for a dollar.

Endure we must

Until called home;

Nomad until the trump sounds-

No longer this land to roam.

©️Rachel D. Lyne

About Rachel D. Lyne

Christian Living Author: "The Apple, A Woman's Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage." Devotional blogger, poet, Christian magazine content creator, and inspirational speaker.
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