ANNOUNCING: The Apple – a Warrior Guide for Wives (and all Women)

To my blogger friends and blog followers: The Lord has graciously given me the opportunity to write a book for women and wives based on my marital experience and overcoming the forbidden fruit. I would LOVE for you to join me in this journey, since you all have been faithful in following my blog for many years. I want to encourage you in your journey of faith and walk of life, as well, through “The Apple,” which will Lord-willing be released in the summer of 2021.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @racheldlyne, Facebook “Rachel D. Lyne, Author” and Pinterest “Rachel D. Lyne I Author.” You can also share this info with friends, neighbors, newlyweds, older couples, engaged ladies, those who are re-marrying/ed, or really anyone who could benefit from hearing words of hope and overcoming in victory through Jesus Christ.

More importantly…please pray for me in this new and exciting venture. Pray that the Lord would soften hearts to His Good News and the Gospel for the Kingdom through the words He has given me and through His matchless Word. Also, let me know how I can pray for you today! Blessings upon blessings!

-Rachel D, Lyne, Author with Trilogy Christian Publishing, Inc., a division of TBN ministries.

About Rachel D. Lyne

Christian Living Author: "The Apple, A Woman's Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage." Devotional blogger, poet, Christian magazine content creator, and inspirational speaker.
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