The song of storms will no longer pound the ramparts of my heart.

Those waves of doubt will no longer crash upon my mind.

The encompassing darkness will not have a foothold in my spirit.

The earthquake of lies will not shake my foundation in the One who saved my soul.

The crown upon my head reads victory.

The sword of God’s Word in my hand will prove trustworthy.

The torrents of darkness will not overcome the Light that resides in my spirit.

Come at me, for what you bring is not of flesh and blood.

Come at me, for the future that is mine has no earthy home.


For a Kingdom that will never fade.

For a King who will always reign.

For a Light that will never darken.

For a Hope that refuses to die.

©️2019 Rachel D. Lyne

About Rachel D. Lyne

Christian Living Author: "The Apple, A Woman's Battle Plan: Overcoming Forbidden Fruit in Marriage." Devotional blogger, poet, Christian magazine content creator, and inspirational speaker.
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